Discover what the top renewable energy plants in Brazil have in common
June 26, 2024
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Discover what the top renewable energy plants in Brazil have in common

In the past year, Brazil's solar energy grew by 7.3%, reaching 40 GW capacity with nearly 3 million installations. The top-performing plants use Delfos for predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and energy forecasting, setting benchmarks in renewable energy efficiency.

In the past year alone, solar energy production in Brazil has grown by 7.3%. The country now boasts nearly 3 million photovoltaic installations, ranging from residential setups to expansive solar farms. By the first semester of 2024, Brazil had reached a total solar capacity of 40 GW.

The EpowerBay Ranking, which monitors the production of these plants, provides insights into the assets, brands, locations, and owners of these farms, as well as the energy they generate. Since the rankings were first released in 2020, the top spots have consistently been occupied by plants that excel in optimizing their performance.

With the presentation of the Annual Ranking at the start of 2024, something was clear from the solar plants that are at the top:  most of them used a performance monitoring platform.

The Role of A Performance Monitoring Platform

Delfos has been a game-changer for the solar power industry. By leveraging advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, Delfos enables solar farms to operate more intelligently and efficiently.

Predictive Maintenance: Delfos helps identify potential issues before they become critical, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Performance Monitoring: The platform provides insights using real-time data, allowing for adjustments to optimize energy production.
Energy Forecasting: Delfos uses historical and real-time data to predict energy generation, helping plants manage their resources more effectively.

With Delfos at the helm, Brazil's solar powerhouses have not only thrived but also set new benchmarks in the renewable energy sector. This intelligent and efficient optimization of clean energy production supports the global transition to sustainable energy sources. As Brazil and the World continue to expand their renewable energy capacity, these numbers serve as models of efficiency and innovation, driving toward a greener future.

You can see the complete ranking here

For solar energy providers looking to enhance their performance and support the global shift to renewable energy, investing in technologies like Delfos is a strategic and impactful move.

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