Maximizing Solar Plant Efficiency: Navigating Tracker Failures with Advanced Technology


Solar energy production relies heavily on the efficiency of solar trackers. Unfortunately, failures in these systems can significantly impact power output. At Delfos, we specialize in mitigating these issues through state-of-the-art monitoring and analytics.

Addressing Tracker Failures in Solar Energy Systems:

Solar trackers are crucial for maximizing irradiance capture in photovoltaic systems. When these trackers fail, they can cause suboptimal sunlight capture and increased self-shading, leading to a substantial reduction in energy production. Despite the critical role of solar trackers, their failures often remain undetected, as they tend to only partially reduce output power.

Common Tracker Failures and Their Impacts:

Our extensive experience across power plants with a combined capacity of over 1GW reveals three predominant types of tracker failures:

  1. Complete Tracker Stoppage: Trackers may cease operation entirely, often during peak production hours, leading to significant energy loss.
  2. Positioning Errors: Minor discrepancies in tracker alignment can be difficult to spot but have considerable effects on energy capture.
  3. Time Discrepancies in Solar Positioning: Trackers operating out of sync with solar positions can greatly diminish the system’s efficiency.

Delfos' Innovative Solutions:

At Delfos, our machine learning platform excels in identifying and resolving these failures quickly and efficiently:

  • Early Detection: Our technology detects even the slightest misalignments that are typically invisible to the naked eye.
  • Quick Resolution: With our intelligent monitoring strategies, we can mitigate production losses from tracker failures.

Tracker failures are a silent threat to the efficiency of solar power plants. With Delfos' advanced analytics and proactive monitoring, solar plant operators can ensure their trackers perform optimally, maximizing both energy output and return on investment.

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